Airborne Creations


Up to 50% Off everything during “STUDIO CLEARING”

One Day Only Sale!

Kiki Michalek, owner of Airborne Creations, is offering absolutely every piece of artwork in her Whiting Mills studio on sale at an incredible 40% discount off current prices on every single last item in her studio. Everything is up for sale as she makes room for new and exciting work.

Sale extended to September 18 • Studio 308

11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Paintings, mailboxes, animal portraits, automative “airbrush” paintings, hand-painted “gift boxes” of all kinds, ornaments, clothing, furniture, and so much more that the studio walls are sure to hold something you will treasure.

Kiki is one of the most gifted painters at Whiting Mills working in a variety of mediums but specializes in “airbrush” painting where she is able to produce highly realistic works of art depicting a wide variety of subject. Paintings range from 14 x 17” to 36 x 48” along with so many other kinds of surfaces that there are too many to list.

Paintings: $ 75.00 on sale for $45.00;

$2.500 on sale for $1,500

Hand painted gift items ranging from

$25 -$90 on sale from $15 x $54

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind sale this Saturday.

I offer custom painting, fine art, murals, nature photography, hand painted gift items.

Specializing in pet portraits and automotive art.

Available for all of your artistic needs on any surface, large or small.