Melissa Lewis


Always Remember Me Bears are lovable bears, puppy dogs, bunnies or even pillows made from your favorite clothes.  Keep that special memory with you every day.  There’s no need to keep them in the closet any longer.  Send me your items and I will create just what you need.


18 inch memory bears or dogs    $35

22 inch memory bears                 $45

Hug It Out Pillows: 12-15 inches $15, 16-20 inches $20, Quilted pillows (any size) $30

Once fabric is received and approved for use a pay pall bill will be submitted for payment.

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Return shipping not included in pricing.

Shipping prices will vary.


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  • 100 Whiting Street, Winsted, CT

    Suite 412